LISTEN exists to initiate and foster change, using a feminist perspective to promote the visibility and experiences of women, LGBTQIA+, trans and gender diverse, people of colour, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disabilities and other marginalised folk in Australian music.

LISTEN presents live events to engage the public, to showcase and support artists and to create a platform for an anthology to document the participation of these musicians and audiences who are apart of these groups in Australian music.

Utilising online and print media to share experiences, opinion pieces, musical ideas, paraphernalia and mix tapes, LISTEN is here to instigate and celebrate equal participation in the music industry. This outcome is one we aim to facilitate in whatever way the community believes effective and appropriate, and to encourage engagement by anyone who is enthused and inspired to do so.

LISTEN values: Equality, Intersectionality, Fairness, Justice, Education, Inquiry, Innovation, Interconnection, Inclusion, Honesty, Respect and Compassion.

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