Artist Profile ~ Sarah Baxter

To celebrate LISTEN’s new website we’re interviewing a bunch of local Australian artists to profile them on the site. Introducing Sarah Baxter:

How would you best describe your music?

A mishmash of alt rock and art pop, or as I affectionately like to call it sometimes, ‘whingy chick music’. It’s not the most flattering description but it’s the only one I’ve ever found that seems to fit (*laughs)

How did your band / musical project start?

I’ve been writing songs for close to two decades, but I didn’t connect with other musicians to start playing my own music until 15 years ago. Since then, we’ve had shed tears of joy and laughter, had many arguments, tears, a change of drummer, more tears, friendships broken and restored, and a few more tears. It has all been worth it.

Do you make music with a political focus? If so, what is your focus? If not, why not?

Absolutely! A lot of my music used to be about government inaction on climate change but my focus has shifted to be more about social attitudes towards women. I am also passionate about highlighting inequality and disadvantage when it comes to the treatment of women, and how these attitudes can negatively impact female empowerment.

What has been the biggest highlight as a band?

Releasing my debut album, ‘One Little Warrior’. It was about time, really.

Who are your biggest influences musically right now?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Motown at the moment. I love the raw voices and organic recordings. And it’s great music for cleaning around the house and cooking…makes the chores more appealing!

Where can people find your music?