Artist Profile ~ Rebel Yell

Image provided by Rebel Yell

To celebrate LISTEN’s new website we’re interviewing a bunch of local Australian artists to profile them on the site. Introducing Rebel Yell:

How would you best describe your music?

Industrial techno

How did your band / musical project start?

Rebel Yell started as a side project from 100%. I got to create darker music of a techno vibe and experiment with new ideas and performance styles.

Do you make music with a political focus? If so, what is your focus? If not, why not?

The Mother Of Millions EP focused on insecurities to do with the body and anxieties surrounding that. The next release focuses on getting mean and not taking shit, drawing from bad experiences as a female in the music industry and being treated like crap from industry people, strangers and even friends.

What has been the biggest highlight as a band?

I’ve been able to travel and meet so many new and lovely people around Australia. Being a part of Vivid Sydney and Sydney Fringe Festival were definitely highlights!

Who are your biggest influences musically right now?

It’s always changing! I’ve always loved Grimes and admired all she does but in terms of the actual music, I still take influence from like Underworld, The Prodigy and a ton of modern day pop!!

Where can people find your music?