Artist Profile ~ Library Siesta

Image provided by Library Siesta

To celebrate LISTEN’s new website we’re interviewing a bunch of local Australian artists to profile them on the site. Introducing Library Siesta:

How would you best describe your music?

Feel-good songs about feeling bad. Sometimes we also write feel-bad songs about feeling bad.

How did your band / musical project start?

I (Bre) spent a lot of my late teenage years arguing on the internet with men who said things like “chicks can’t shred”. The first time I saw Eva play guitar I knew she would one day make them eat shit. We met each other in our first year at uni and she always had her guitar with her. Every time she played I was in awe. I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t in a band already, so I started writing songs so she could play lead and prove silly men on the internet wrong.

Do you make music with a political focus? If so, what is your focus? If not, why not?

At the moment our songs tend to look inward, focusing on crappy feelings, experiences and situations. On the surface it might not seem like our songs are political, but they are. What happens in a person’s private life is always shaped by larger socio-political forces. I’m advantaged by those forces in some ways, but also disadvantaged in other ways, most of which are invisible. By writing about my personal experiences and releasing them out into a world that largely wasn’t made for people like me, I feel I am making a deeply political move.

What has been the biggest highlight as a band?

Celebrating our first Melbourne gig by drinking chocolate-flavoured wine and watching episodes of Daria afterwards.

Who are your biggest influences musically right now?

Big Thief and Mitski.

Where can people find your music?