Artist Profile ~ Gunk

Image provided by Gunk

To celebrate LISTEN’s new website we’re interviewing a bunch of local Australian artists to profile them on the site. Introducing Gunk:

How would you best describe your music?

Feminist grunge punk

How did your band / musical project start?

Alex and Caroline met at Uni way back in 2010, and became fast feminist friends, then we got Laura on board and became a band. We were getting into feminist/riot grrl zines at the time and came across Gunk by Ramdasha Bikceem and loved it so we named our band after the zine.

Do you make music with a political focus? If so, what is your focus? If not, why not?

Yes, we can’t not write political songs because most of what we write is our response to the persistent oppression that women and queers face everyday. Performing this material is a protest and screaming/singing/writing about our experience is a way of processing the trauma associated with the oppression.

What has been the biggest highlight as a band?

Playing with Camp Cope was really cool! But also when Ramdasha Bikceem liked us on Facebook and we had a chat and became facebook friends woah!

Who are your biggest influences musically right now?

Always Joan Jett and Sleater Kinney and Brissie bands; Butcher Birds, Gazoonga Attack, Tangle, Clag and Bottlecock have been big influences, more recently Aye Nako has been inspiring new writings…

Where can people find your music?