Artist Profile ~ Diploid

Photo by nightfuses

To celebrate LISTEN’s new website we’re interviewing a bunch of local Australian artists to profile them on the site. Introducing Diploid:

How would you best describe your music?

Harsh heavy punk/ grindcore / power violence

How did your band / musical project start?

The band already existed as “Diploid 49’ers” before I joined. Their previous guitarist quit and they were looking for a new guitarist/vocalist. I was already friends with Reece and Scott from high school and I had been playing guitar for about 4 years by then and had always wanted to be in a band so I just pretty much was like “so I’m in the band now” and that was it!

Do you make music with a political focus? If so, what is your focus? If not, why not?

A lot of the songs I write tend to be politically charged. It’s never intentional but I guess growing up as a mixed race hairy queer girl gives you a lot to be pissed off about, especially with the rate of Islamophobia in Australia. Mostly I write about identity, it’s something I still struggle with today. I’ve always felt like I don’t fit in. I didn’t fit with girls at school because all I was super queer, depressed and angry, I didn’t quite fit with ladies in the music scene because I was never allowed to stay out late (try explaining to your muslim dad that you wanna go to a squat in the city and not come home till 3:00am), people just didn’t understand. I struggle because I don’t look mixed race, I look white, but I hate saying I’m white because I feels like it erases everything about me, the way I was raised, my relationship with my dad and my Tunisian heritage. White people don’t translate their dad’s sentences, white people don’t have to watch their dad be refused services because of the colour of his skin, or because his name is “Mohamed”, or flat out people saying to your face “that’s not your dad” or giving you strange looks for holding his hand when I was a child.

What has been the biggest highlight as a band?

Touring Japan was a lifelong dream of mine. Ever since I first picked up a guitar at 14 I thought it would be so cool to play in Tokyo one day, I never ever thought it would actually happen, let alone play to a full venue and have such a positive reception. I really love the way people in Japan run shows too, everything is bang on time and finishes by 10:30pm so that everyone can go to an izakaya (a more traditional Japanese style bar that serves food, it’s usually open till late) afterwards to eat and have “after show” drinks. It’s great because it gives an opportunity for bands to actually get to know each other rather than just hello’s and goodbye’s. In general though, my whole experience of being in a band has been amazing, and I really do owe it to my wonderful bandmates. Reece and Scott are the most supportive and caring friends that challenge me to be a better musician, playing with them has been a dream!

Who are your biggest influences musically right now?

Yasuko Onuki is my idol. Yako has been involved in music since the early 1990’s and also runs a record label, A-Zap. She’s strong, creative and takes herself seriously despite those who may be thinking “is this a fucking joke?” when watching Melt Banana play. Melt Banana is such a versatile band and they have been playing for so long. I love that they experiment with different sounds and styles rather than sticking to one formula, I feel like you can’t develop as an artist unless you accept and embrace change to your sound. I love listening to a bands discography and hearing the sound evolve rather than a band that is just trying to replicate an album that already exists over and over. I also really love Useless Children, I’m pretty sure I listen to Post Ending//Pre Completion at least once every few days. Again, they’re a band that let their sound and creative direction grow and therefore improve rather than trying to be the punkest punk who ever punked, if you listen to their discography, almost every album sounds different, but you can still tell it’s Useless Children.

Where can people find your music?

Bandcamp is the best place to find our music: